English style kitchens


A unique feature of our English kitchens is a slightly wider, ornate frame that is handmade in our factory. It  frames the smooth door beautifully. Wooden corner pillars can be added to the islands, and when combined with our old style plinth, they create an impressive ensemble.

The upper cabinets have a similar frame around the door.

This English kitchen exudes color harmony. The new furnishings create a beautiful ensemble with the vintage copper hood and oven. The countertops feature an elegant antique edge that adds a touch of old-world charm to the space. The upper cabinets are arranged in two rows, and between them, wooden rails for ladders have been installed for easy access to even the highest upper cabinets. The ladders also serve as a beautiful decorative detail.

Furthermore, we have designed a matching TV stand, glass display cabinet, and radiator covers in the same style. This cohesive design extends seamlessly to the other rooms in the house as well.