Many good reasons to choose Jalokaluste's handmade traditional kitchen:

  • Every millimeter is a standard size. Jalokaluste’s cabinets always fit your desired kitchen space without measurement constraints.
  • Expert service and thorough planning. Designing traditional kitchens is a specialty of its own, and we have extensive experience in it. Our knowledgeable salespeople can make your chosen kitchen model fit both ergonomically and visually.
  • Finland’s largest traditional kitchen manufacturer and Finland’s widest range of traditional kitchen models. You have the opportunity to choose the most suitable traditional kitchen from a variety of frame models and materials.
  • Installation completes the deliveries. The same carpenters who manufacture your furniture also install it. The quality of our work is guaranteed!
  • Better materials. No chip board in frames and doors. Durable materials make the product long-lasting. The main materials are batten board, solid wood board, and moisture-resistant MDF.
  • Free color choice. In addition to standard colors, you can choose your own shade. This way, your kitchen will always match your color palette.
  • 3D modeling visualizes your beautiful kitchen, and you can be sure of the result. (Quotations for kitchen plans are illustrated with hand drawn sketches.)
  • 100% Finnish. The Key Flag symbol and Design From Finland recognition indicate that the product’s design and manufacture are of Finnish origin. The domestic content of labor is 100%, and for materials, it’s approximately 85%. Support domestic Finnish products!
  • You can view sample cabinets in our showroom. We are located just 20 minutes from the center of Helsinki with free parking in the factory yard.
  • Low VOC emissions. Do you suffer from allergy or are you sensitive to chemicals? We can manufacture wooden kitchens with low-emission materials.
  • Miele appliance sales. We want your kitchen to remain fully functional in terms of appliances as well. That’s why we have chosen Miele as our partner, whose appliances are known to last for at least 20 years of use.
  • Our delivery time is approximately 10 weeks from the order. Delivery times may vary depending on the order quantity. This is a very fast delivery for a completely customized and handmade kitchen product.
  • The price of your kitchen is… Contact us, and we will tell you.

Welcome to explore our traditional kitchens!
Address: Valuraudankuja 2, 00700 Helsinki (Malmi, Tattariharju). You can find more detailed contact information here.