Retro kitchens

Jalokaluste’s retro kitchen collections offer a breath of fresh air from the 1950’s. Wood-patterned or colorful doors, visible white frames, and pull handles evoke the history of that era.

In a retro kitchen, you have the opportunity to use colors in a delightful way.

In our new retro kitchens, the frames and doors are made of moisture-resistant MDF. In our wood retro kitchens, there are batten board frame structures, wood-paneled lipped doors, and finger-jointed wooden drawers. Both materials can also be used in the same design, allowing you to create your own unique retro kitchen, perhaps using new retro frames and wooden doors. The retro model is also available with our high-quality metal drawers or charming solid wood drawers.

Wooden Retro Kitchens


In the beautiful wooden retro kitchen Kajsa, color has been boldly and elegantly incorporated.

Inspiration was drawn from the wallpaper in the customer’s living room, and several shades from the wallpaper are echoed in the kitchen. The teak wood doors of the upper cabinet row match the tone of the teak furniture in the home. The countertop features a 1950’s Virrvarr laminate pattern, and the front edge of the countertop is made of solid teak wood. The handles are brass, with some featuring brown leather braiding. The interior of the upper cabinets is stained dark.

Despite its relatively small size, the kitchen offers ample storage space with cabinets reaching up to the ceiling. Additionally, the kitchen is equipped with various mechanisms, such as a pull out shelf for an air fryer, a breakfast cabinet with a door that can be pushed into the cabinet frame, a pull out towel rack, and plinth drawers wherever they can fit. The cooker hood is integrated into the upper cabinet. A brass faucet completes the overall look.


In the retro wooden kitchen Anita, there are lipped doors with wooden bar handles in the style of the 1950’s. The design of the wooden bar handles has been custom-made according to a vintage model.

The tall wall cabinets are evenly spaced and suit the high ceiling of the prestigious property. The cooker hood is seamlessly integrated into the wall cabinet. An integrated dishwasher is on the left side of the sink. The right corner countertop has been custom-made as one solid piece. The cabinets have been stained and varnished on the inside.

Design: Interior architect Jan Kuusisto. Implementation: Jalokaluste.


In the Jenni retro kitchen, there are lipped doors with metal finger pull handles in the 1950’s style. Conveniently displayed glass jars can be used for storing salt, sugar, spices, organic popcorn, etc.

The cooker hood is integrated into a slightly protruding wall cabinet. To the right of the oven, there is a pull-out basket for spices and oils. Cutting boards complete the retro vibe on the work side of the island. The island provides a comfortable space for children’s breakfast. Next to the freezer, there is a 40 cm pull-out cabinet.

The countertops are made of 12 mm matte black ceramic. The wooden cabinets are stained and lacquered on the inside.


Our lovely wooden retro kitchen has been meticulously designed to fit the space perfectly, down to the last detail: the windowsill doubles as the kitchen countertop, symmetrical measurements in relation to opal dome porcelain lamps and bakelite electrical outlets, etc.

By chance, the wall color happened to be the same original shade found behind the old dismantled cupboard. The floor features Forbo Marmoleum linoleum from the Marmoleum series.

New Retro Kitchens


The charming retro kitchen Sari was designed for a small apartment studio, making excellent use of space.

The high ceiling is utilized with tall sloping sliding door cabinets, hiding dish drying racks and plenty of shelf space. The kitchen’s air vent is seamlessly integrated into one of the upper cabinets. The kitchen features a large 50 cm wide sink, a dishwasher, and a corner cabinet with Le Mans mechanism, all in retro style. Next to the retro style cooker hood, there’s an open shelf with delightful retro glass containers for storing items like cereals and rice conveniently next to the stove. The kitchen also includes an integrated refrigerator and freezer, carefully chosen for height to keep the kitchen feeling spacious. Additionally, this provided more countertop space in the kitchen. The functionalist style wooden countertop with an edge has been extended slightly into the living room, creating a peninsula for seating or serving.

Above the refrigerator and freezer, two oak open shelves were crafted with beautiful functionalist brackets.

In the apartment’s hallway, a matching hat shelf with the same functionalist brackets was installed. The old closet in the hallway was replaced with a functional and spacious closet with mirror sliding doors, containing convenient wire baskets and several shelves for clothing storage.


Anneli new retro kitchen was designed for the Finnish Spring Fair 2019 and showcased at Jalokaluste’s exhibition booth. The striking yellow color captured attention, sparking both curiosity and admiration.

The birch wood pull handles and the wooden edge of the white high-pressure laminate countertop are made from birch as well. The sliding doors give Anneli a fun and practical touch. You can also get a sloping sliding door cabinet from us in a straight design. The lower section, which features small wooden drawers, can be omitted or replaced with a compartment suitable for our delightful glass or porcelain carafes.


Here is our new retro model Elina.

The kitchen features beautiful teak wood pull handles, complemented by fun retro-style handles in the upper cabinets, known as finger-hook handles. The wooden edge of the laminate countertop matches the same teak wood. The chosen color is beautiful and timeless sand hue, with a somewhat rarer black color for the laminate countertop. It’s an exceptionally stylish ensemble.


Iisa new retro kitchen was built in the customer’s summer cottage, bringing a touch of 1950’s nostalgia, especially with the Bompani retro-style refrigerators.

The color palette is understated and stylish, with black and white, accented by oak details. The oak upper cabinet doors complement the color of the cottage’s log walls, and the white laminate countertops feature oak edges.

On one wall, a small breakfast nook has been designed, with sliding door upper cabinets and a row of small drawers below for teaspoons, tea bags, and other small necessities. The countertop provides a place for a coffee maker and a toaster. The microwave is placed in a lower cabinet at a suitable height, even for the grandchildren. Next to the microwave, there’s a spot for all the owner’s cookbooks.

Around the beautiful Artek kitchen table, it’s a joy to enjoy morning coffee while admiring the beautiful lake view through the windows.


Kati retro kitchen combines stunning teak surfaces, midnight black lipped doors, light VirrVarr laminate countertops, and chrome finger pull handles. The diagonal sliding door cabinet has also a genuine retro touch. The refrigerator is a 70 cm Bompani model.

Take note of the lovely checkered painting on the wooden floor.

Design: Kati Kamppinen.


Oona retro kitchen features beautiful surfaces: lipped doors with wire handles and visible hinges, a teak wood edge laminate countertop, and white backsplash. A special feature is the hidden power outlets under the neatly designed cover.

The kitchen is dominated by a lovely light gray color tone that fits into any home. But you should also know that with Jalokaluste, you can choose the kitchen’s color tone yourself.


Suomi 100 (Finland 100)

The SUOMI 100 (FINLAND 100) retro kitchen we presented at the HABITARE 2017 fair resonates with the essence of Finnishness: stunning domestic design and a blue-and-white color scheme.

The top row of upper cabinets is delightfully deeper than the upper cabinets in the lower row. This way, you get a bit more storage space compared to tall upper cabinets that come in a single row.


This is the retro kitchen Tarja. 

Gray lipped doors, white VirrVarr laminate with oak edging, wire handles, and a stainless steel sink create an authentic 1950’s style.

Stainless steel worktops offer a choice of several sink options in various sizes. An induction hob can also be integrated into the stainless steel worktop. This kitchen features a beautiful and practical gas hob and a visible stainless steel cooker hood.