The magnificent fully restored manor is decorated with beautiful Morris & Co wallpapers and authentic clay plaster. The furniture features Jalokaluste’s Jugend cabinet door design, creating a sense of continuity between different rooms.

The cabinets are built with what is known as overlay doors, where the frame remains behind the door, in contrast to having a visible frame.


These wardrobes continue with the same Jugend stye inspired door design as seen in the kitchen of the residence. What sets this wardrobe ensemble apart is the beautiful solid oak ladders crafted by Jalokaluste, providing easy access to the contents of the upper cabinets.

The ladders are raised against an attractive railing and can be moved to the desired position. When the ladders are not in use, they have their own elegant storage rack on the wall.



The Helena old style wardrobes bring a touch of manor elegance to this space. The cabinets in the picture are tinted in an English-style color called London Stone No. 6. Tikkurila’s color chart offers a range of beautiful shades, and NCS colors can also be used. The wardrobes are internally illuminated and equipped with pull-down rod mechanisms.


In the Sarlotta dressing room, space has been efficiently utilized with tall cabinets that make use of both sides of the dressing room. The house’s white baseboards run around the cabinets, creating a clean separation from the wooden floor.

The cabinets discreetly conceal electrical and plumbing systems behind them.

Modern Wardrobes

Jalokaluste also offers modern style furniture where the doors come in front of the frame. We prioritize high-quality materials to ensure that the wardrobes can be refurbished when the need arises.

Here is an example of a wardrobe with all the modern mechanisms. By combining different styles of handles, you can achieve various looks for the furniture. The door color for our cabinets is always freely selectable from a variety of manufacturers’ color charts. The cabinet frames are typically white, but they can also be painted to match the door color if the customer desires. All our furniture is customized to fit the customer’s space.