Timeless kitchens


There are smooth, inset doors in the style of the 1920’s and 1940’s in this Aurora kitchen. The refrigerator is integrated into the adjacent wall cabinets. The top floor’s slanted ceiling, beams, and window create a wonderful atmosphere in the renovated wooden house.

Together with high-quality marble countertops and beautiful stainless steel knobs, this kitchen model suits both old prestigious properties and new developments alike. 


The Elisa kitchen adorns a 1970’s townhouse. With its simple design, timeless color scheme, and high-quality materials, it is like a jewel. The beautiful, visible frames are made of solid wood and add a touch of craftsmanship to an otherwise straightforward design compared to hidden frames. The doors are also made of wood.

The kitchen also features a breakfast nook where kitchen appliances can be conveniently hidden away from the countertops when needed. The doors can be kept open while using the appliances, and they slide into the frame at that time. At the bottom of the breakfast nook, there are beautiful solid wood drawers that can accommodate all utensils and glassware, with space at the bottom for the customer’s own recycling bins.

The island includes an integrated cooker hood and induction combination, which has become popular. This is a good alternative to a hanging cooker hood from the ceiling, when visibility from the island needs to be maintained.