Finest Traditional Kitchens in Finland

Nowadays interior trend is to respect beautifully aged furniture that stand the test of time. People are going back to their roots, also in interior decoration.

Jalokaluste's kitchen models contain traditional design with contemporary functions. Our kitchens are being custom made and are manufactured in our factory in Helsinki. Well designed cabinets have a rhythm and beauty that also coming generations want to keep and restore.

Our speciality is that our kitchens are made from high quality materials. The cabinet frames and doors are made from either massive wood or moisture resistant mdf. Both alternatives stand the test of time. In our design the cabinet frame is often visible and the doors are recessed or partly recessed into the frame. We also do other designs according to the customer’s wishes.



Jalokaluste's styles:

In our old-fashioned kitchen designs we combine traditional design with modern features. The wide, wooden frame is visible and the doors often have decorative frames and knobs.

In our 50-s retro kitchens we play with colors. The doors are either painted or made from wood which work as a good contrast to the white visible frame.  The same wooden material is often used in the edging of the laminate worktop. Chrome wire pullers or wooden handles gives the kitchen that 50-s feel.


Jalokaluste’s wooden kitchens are made with the frame and doors in
solid wood. The frame is often visible and the doors are either recessed
into the frame or partly recessed into the frame, giving a 50’s feel. The
wooden surface can either be painted or treated with oil or wax to allow
the natural beauty of the wood to shine through.

In the Fusion design we combine new and old. We can for example make the kitchen with visible frames and recessed doors combined with modern upper cabinets with integrated handles. You can also order Corian worktops from Jalokaluste. This is a composite material containing stone and recycled plastics.

Jalokaluste recently expanded its collection to contain also English style kitchens. Here you often see decorative frames combined with painted doors and decorative handles.

Every jugend kitchen is unique and the jugend ornaments are different in different houses. The customer can pick one feature that he likes and we can incorporate it in the kitchen design to really custom make the kitchen.




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