Kitchen accessories

Jalokaluste offers kitchens equipped with beautiful and high-quality solid wood drawers and metal drawers. Both models come standard with dampers and high sides to keep items securely in place. The material for solid wood drawers can be matte-lacquered oak, birch, or darker wood, featuring beautiful visible finger joints. Custom-made solid wood utensil trays, dividers, spice racks, knife holders, and more are available for these drawers.

Metal drawers are available in different colors and come with their own interior accessories, including a high-quality rubberized utensil tray, metal drawer dividers, knife holder, and spice rack.

We also provide various kitchen components such as a breakfast cabinets, pull-out cabinets, integrated cutting boards, and a range of mechanisms for corner cabinets. The mechanisms we use are of high quality to ensure long-lasting durability, just like the kitchen itself.