Old style kitchens

Sustainable development is today’s trend. Durable furniture was crafted in the past, and the same craftsmanship is increasingly valued today as well. By choosing Jalokaluste’s kitchen, you’re opting for quality and longevity, in addition to beautiful design.

Our classic kitchen models embody a traditional appearance with modern functionality. All modern mechanisms are available, as well as the option to integrate household appliances, etc. The drawer fronts and doors fit beautifully into the frame. The visible hinge pin parts add a touch of old-fashioned leaf hinges. The materials for our kitchens are mainly solid wood and MDF board. We do not use chip board in our products.

Well-composed cabinets are rhythmically designed and withstand the test of time. Our old style kitchen furniture is prestigious and people want to preserve and restore it even decades later.

The price range for old style kitchens can be, for example, 12.000 €- 35.000 € and upwards. The price depends upon the materials used and the amount of cabinets in the space.

The price depends on the number of frames, whether there are many integrated household appliances that require separate frames, the countertop materials, etc. We’ll assist you in planning your new kitchen, provide you with a proposal for a new layout, and calculate the price for the plan. Design is free for you. During the ordering phase, we also create detailed 3D and dimension drawings of the kitchen. Please contact our kitchen designers, and we’ll tell you more.


This old style wooden kitchen is found in an old stone house in Helsinki city. The upper cabinets go all the way to the ceiling and the big kitchen island is the perfect focal point of the kitchen. The old style plinth is framing in the kitchen island beautifully.

The countertops are from durable and easy to maintain quartz with a beautiful marble pattern. The kitchen faucet and sink in brass go well together with the brass handles of the kitchen.

A ventilation valve on the wall should never be covered by cabinets and here we have integrated it in a nice way into the door of one of the upper kitchen cabinets.

The kitchen is a project in collaboration with Lena Ioka Interior.



In an ambient and very old wooden house we find this pearl, that is, the old style wooden kitchen Ulrika. The design language of the kitchen resonates well with the old house and the chosen colour of the cabinets and the wallpaper speak the same language.

The customer has chosen a black, old style stove with gas hobs and an elegant cooker hood in the same style. The black suit the black metallic spiral stairs well that lead up to the second floor and are situated in the room next to the kitchen.

In the kitchen is also found a lot of details in oak, such as all the drawers that are made from massive oak wood. Oak can also be found in the kitchen’s speciality, the pantry cabinet. The pantry can store all the dry food and behind both doors there has been made shelves in oak with the measurements that the customer wanted. Here can be stored for example beautiful bottles with oil or spices.

With the oak ladder you are able to reach also the things that are stored in the upper, deep cabinets. The ceiling height is very high in this old house.

As countertop material the customer has chosen a quartz with marble pattern, which suits the old style kitchen very well. This is also a material that is easy to maintain. The door knobs are in brass and they will patinate beautifully with time.

This project resulted in a very beautiful and functional kitchen where surely the whole family wants to spend their time together cooking. The kitchen will also age with grace, along with the house it is situated in.


The beautiful Jenny old style kitchen is situated in an old tile building near the ocean. The kitchen owners therefore wanted to give the kitchen a colour that would resonate with the blue hues of the ocean.

The wooden frame and old style wooden doors are made from solid ash wood where the veins are clearly seen on the surface of the wood. The inner profile of the doors is a classical one that suits the space. As countertop material the kitchen owners wanted a material that looked like real marble but that would resist stains better and keep fresh over time. The Mystery White quartz was the perfect material choice for this and the countertops were made with straight edges.

An old style plinth model was chosen and it was installed in front of the cabinets and has a decorative profile that suits the style of the building. An upper decorative plinth was also added on top of the upper cabinets. These speak the same language as the cornices of the space.

The dishwasher is integrated behind a kitchen cabinet door and the cooker hood has an integrated fan that allows for unhindered sight of the kitchen from the living room that is situated next to the kitchen.

Three open shelves were also custom made for the space and they were painted in the same colour as the kitchen cabinets. Under the shelves ledlighting was installed. There is also ledlighting on top of the upper cabinets to light up the ceiling cornices. Also under the upper cabinets there is an integrated ledlist that gives a good ligthing on the countertops.


The Lotta old style wooden kitchen is found in a very idyllic neighbourhood consisting of lots of old wooden houses. When you walk the streets here it is almost like being part of an Astrid Lindgren story book. 

The kitchen is made from massive ash wood and the visible, painted frames in between the doors are part of what makes the beautiful old style kitchen style.

A big kitchen island is the focal point of the room, providing a seating area and lots of storage. There is also a so called pharmacy cabinet that has drawers in massive oak wood hidden behind a door. The drawers have beautiful finger joints and are able to swallow a lot of dry goods, canned food and things like this.

There is also a custom made cooker hood in the kitchen, made from the same wooden material as the kitchen cabinets. Inside it is integrated a modern extraction hood. The hood is painted the same colour as the kitchen cabinets and blends in beautifully.

The chosen beige colour scheme feels warm and welcoming and is a colour that you don’t get bored of easily. It can also be matched with almost any other colour.



Fresh looking old style Hanna wooden kitchen is located in an old wooden house. The color palette is kept green and white, with fresh white quartz countertops and white porcelain knobs as the finishing touches. The lovely wallpaper features similar color tones.

The kitchen boasts many clever storage solutions, such as a pull-out cabinet and a breakfast cabinet with sliding pocket doors. The doors can be pushed into the cabinet frame to keep them out of the way when opened. The cooker hood is seamlessly integrated into the upper cabinet row. The white refrigerator, which is visible, fits well into the overall design, and deep cupboards have been built around it to provide additional storage space.

There is a smaller dining table for the family in the center of the kitchen. A wooden frame was constructed for it, and the same white quartz countertop used throughout the kitchen was installed on top. The quartz countertop also features decorative antique edges.


Mirja old style kitchen is located in a wonderful high-ceiling space, with a beautiful window wall that floods the kitchen with a special light. The kitchen features ample storage space and beautiful details, such as glass display cabinets with frame doors made of antique glass, and an island with facet-cut glass doors. The cabinet frames and doors are made of solid ash wood. For the drawers, both solid oak drawers with finger joints and white metal drawers were chosen. The kitchen cabinets were painted in a lovely shade of blue-gray, highlighting the fine wood grain of the ash.

The kitchen also incorporates oak wood, such as in the solid wood open shelves with concealed mounting, giving the shelves a floating appearance. To save space and maintain an open look, a practical induction fan is used instead of a visible wall-mounted cooker hood above the stove.

On the window wall, there’s a captivating pyramid cabinet with drawers of various sizes. The countertop is made of beautiful light quartz. Beautiful brass handles and knobs complete the overall look.


Fresh old style Katarina kitchen makes the most of the room’s height, with upper cabinets reaching all the way to the ceiling. Oak wood ladders have been chosen for easy access to the highest cabinets. The same ladders are also used in the living room bookshelf. The ladders are not only practical but also beautiful to display. The customer found a dedicated wall storage rack for the ladders unnecessary since the ladders themselves serve as a decorative element.

The kitchen also features a breakfast cabinet with hinge doors, where all the small appliances can be neatly stored away. The large island provides ample storage space and doubles as an excellent serving area for parties.

The kitchen cabinets are made of solid wood and have Jalokaluste’s old style wooden frame doors. Everything is painted in a fresh white shade. The countertop is made of timeless and durable black quartz. The kitchen is part of an open living room and TV area. By keeping the kitchen’s color palette neutral, it blends seamlessly with the rest of the living room’s decor and colors.

The kitchen’s design extends into the living room, where a built-in bookshelf and TV stand unit were constructed. The same door style was chosen for the shelves as in the kitchen to maintain a cohesive look in the open space.


Helena old style kitchen embodies English style. Brush-painted soft shades create harmony with the matte black stove and fireplace. The upper cabinets feature glass-fronted doors and are painted in a white shade that complements the wall color. The backsplash integrates a microwave, making excellent use of the space.

A view of the garden can be seen from the window, and the 72 cm deep Carrara quartz countertop provides ample space for cooking. The quartz countertop is adorned with an antique-style edge, adding a touch of old-world elegance to the kitchen.

The white porcelain sink is English style Butler model. The floor stove features both gas and induction hobs and is from the Italian brand Ilve. The cooker hood, also by Ilve, is available in various widths and colors through our services. Festivo 100 CF fridge-freezer is painted in the same shade. The back wall features a delightful, greenish Morris & Co Pimpernel wallpaper in keeping with the style.


Gabriella old style kitchen combines elements of the past with contemporary additions. The color palette is delicate, featuring soft white complemented by gentle pink tones, and it incorporates beautiful dark wooden countertops.

The baseboard in the home runs along the bottom of the cabinets, providing a cohesive and harmonious look to the entire kitchen.


Old style Eira kitchen blends a fresh white color scheme with copper accents. The faucet and undermounted sink are copper-colored, as is the stunning ceiling-mounted cooker hood. The gray quartz countertop features a beautiful pattern reminiscent of limestone. This high-quality kitchen is also equipped with exquisite solid wood drawers, adding a touch of luxury to everyday life.


Lisa old style kitchen features a striking and functional island that includes a cooktop, additional sink, and a wine fridge. The upper cabinets are adorned with special striped glass, giving the dishes inside an elegant, misty appearance.

The kitchen also boasts a breakfast cabinet that starts from the countertop. The doors are equipped with a pocket door mechanism, which means they slide into the frame out of the way when opened. Behind these doors, you can quickly access a toaster and kettle for breakfast and hide them away just as swiftly.



Natalia old style kitchen exudes glamour and style. The kitchen is adorned with many exquisite details, such as the knobs for the cooktop integrated into the cabinet front panel and Jalokaluste’s lovely wooden drawers in various sizes.

The door style features a simple inner profile with a touch of Shaker style inspiration. The whole ensemble is crowned by stunning black Nero Marquina marble countertops with a bold white pattern.


Olivia kitchen’s color scheme, “Hunter Green,” is inspired by English country kitchens. The cabinets are made of solid wood, and the doors are old-fashioned wooden doors made from ash wood, which has fairly prominent wood grain. The decorative baseboards with beautiful mitered sawing at the outer corners add the finishing touch to the whole look.

The kitchen features white Carrara marble countertops with a brass, under-mounted Tapwell TA5040 sink. The faucet is Tapwell’s brass Grottesco model. The brass finish on the faucet will patinate over time, while the sink is coated with a durable brass-colored finish that won’t change its color.

The kitchen was presented at the Spring Fair in Finland in 2018.

Modern Miele kitchen appliances add a contemporary touch to the overall design.


The lovely old style kitchen Saara exudes a light and warm ambiance, accentuated by the powder-colored cabinets and brass details.

The corner space has been efficiently utilized with the LeMans corner mechanism, and the small pull-out cabinet provides excellent storage for all the spices.

The sink cabinet features a wide brass sink combination with one very wide sink and a small one next to it. There is ample space in the sink cabinet for various-sized waste bins, making recycling easy.


Sarlotta old style kitchen embodies manor-style. In the fully renovated manor, there is a kitchen adjacent to the side entrance where warm meals are prepared. In the next room, there is a larger serving kitchen from which ready-made meals can be transferred to the actual dining area.

In the cabinets made by Jalokaluste, there are oak drawers, and the front surfaces have been brush-painted with the shade Farrow & Ball French Grey. The countertops are made of durable and easy-to-maintain Frosty Carrina quartz, honed to a matte finish. Wooden legs lighten the cabinet row that crosses the window. The sink integrated into the countertop is a ceramic Blanco Idessa 6 S XL. The large floor stove is from Lacanche.

The serving side of Sarlota is spacious. The high ceiling height has been utilized with upper cabinets that can be conveniently accessed via Jalokaluste’s ladder stairs. The oak arrangement in the wine rack, the lower shelf of the island, and the stairs, as well as the wooden seat, add warmth to the kitchen.

In the left cabinets, there are integrated an refrigerator and a fridge-freezer combination. The integrated dishwasher is on the left side of the sink. The cabinet’s shade is Farrow & Ball French Grey.

The wide porcelain sink is a Shaw of Darwen Butler 800. The countertops and backsplash, like in the adjacent room’s kitchen, are made of honed Frosty Carrina quartz with antique edges.

The microwave is cleverly hidden behind a folding door. All oak drawers are equipped with finger joints.


Jalokaluste’s Sofia kitchen adorns a magnificent early 20th century’s prestigious property. Batten board cabinets surround the frame doors, concealing behind them modern functionality and technology. Inside the double door cabinet, there is a place for the microwave, cleverly out of sight but conveniently located. Deep cabinet shelves serve as additional workspace for the microwave.

The side-by-side fridge-freezer is centered neatly within the tall cabinet group. The room’s height is accentuated by the tall cabinets. The pull-out mechanism is within reach to the right of the fridge. The upper parts of the wall cabinets are illuminated for decorative dishes. The interiors are white-painted and matte-lacquered batten board, which beautifully showcases the cabinet’s wood material. Oak drawers accentuate the atmosphere of the wooden kitchen. The long oiled oak countertop provides ample workspace.

Natural gas has been piped into the house, so opting for a large gas cooktop was an easy decision. The Lofra Dolce Vita 90 cm gas hob and electric oven serve even larger gatherings. The black Dolce Vita features beautiful brass knobs and a handle on the oven door. The six burners on the gas cooktop ensure the simultaneous use of multiple pots. The classic Dolce Vita oven is equipped with an A-class convection oven. The oven has nine functions, with a maximum temperature of 250°C. Telescopic guides make cooking easier. The oven door has triple glazing, and there is a cooling fan inside the oven.

Jalokaluste is a reseller of Italian Lofra household appliances.