Fusion kitchens


Old and new elements blend together in both materials and design, resulting in exciting combinations and truly unique Fusion Kitchens.

In the Fusion Kitchen Annika, the base cabinets are made of charcoal-black painted batten board, while the wall cabinets feature white-lacquered birch layered batten board. What makes this kitchen special is the inclusion of several plinth drawers that efficiently utilize the plinth space. These drawers are made of solid birch and create a beautiful ensemble with the upper cabinets and plinth.

The countertop is genuine Carrara marble. We also offer slightly more durable marble quartz materials, such as Silestone, Ceasarstone, and Dekton, which can be ordered through us and are available for viewing in our showroom. The sink is stainless steel, an undermount model, and the faucet is the Tapwell SK887.

Fusion Kitchens starting from approximately 14.000 € to 27.000 € and upwards.


The Mariella kitchen features dark base cabinets, and the cupboards are made of traditional batten board ( cf. blockboard). The wall cabinets have a fresher look with translucent painted plywood surfaces, where the striped edge of the plywood remains visible. The visible ends of the hinges evoke the old style leaf hinge.

The beautiful English style Butler porcelain sink resonates with the end of the 19th century. The Ilve gas cooker brings an important element of fire into cooking.

The spacious “American pantry” is a storage wonder, accommodating pots, dry goods, and spices. Even the microwave has found its place there and can be conveniently hidden behind the doors when not in use. Vertical lights bring light and luxury.


The Inari Fusion Kitchen is a delightful blend of old and new. The customer wanted to preserve their old oak sliding door cabinet and incorporate it into the new kitchen design.

The customer underwent a complete renovation of their apartment, including relocating the kitchen. The kitchen doors feature our beautiful Fusion handle recess, and the doors themselves are oak veneered and painted in the customer’s chosen shade. The handle recess has been left oak, only sealed with varnish. This way, the handle recess and the old sliding door cabinet harmonize, and there’s also a solid oak edge on the laminate countertop that ties everything together.

For the space, a copper sink and faucet were selected, adding a touch of warmth and perhaps a hint of vintage charm to the kitchen. The cooktop includes an integrated cooker hood, ensuring visibility throughout the kitchen into the living room and other areas.

Additionally, the customer has created a living room wall painting that beautifully echoes the kitchen’s color scheme.


In this fresh Fusion Kitchen Melissa, horizontal veneered white-lacquered oak is visible in the base cabinets, with thick frames. On the other hand, the wall cabinets feature gray doors with overlapping lift mechanisms that come forward in a modern style. The kitchen also has solid wood drawers custom-made to fit the cabinet’s dimensions. Additionally, there is an inner drawer with wooden utensil compartments and dividers.

What makes this kitchen unique are our Fusion doors, where the handle recesses are milled into the door and made of solid wood. It’s a stunning ensemble where the thick frames shine. The countertops and backsplashes are seamlessly bonding Corian composite material. The marble-tone Corian used is Venaro White.

Jalokaluste acts as an authorized manufacturer of Corian products.

Jalokaluste also supplies Miele appliances and Tapwell sinks and faucets. In this case, the sink is an undermount black chrome Tapwell TA5040, and the faucet is a black chrome Tapwell Evo184. The integrated cooker hood is from Fjäråskupan and features a convenient, foldable glass visor that protects the cabinet from steam.