Jugend kitchens

In Jugend style buildings, the typical details in decoration and design language vary from one property to another. Therefore, Jalokaluste’s Jugend kitchens can be customized to match the specific details of the house, uniquely according to the customer’s preferences. The most commonly used Jugend door model by us is the one with a rounded arch at the top. The arched door is suitable for certain areas in the kitchen and can be combined with our old style door. In the smooth front panels, there are no arches or frames. This creates an interesting overall look.


This beautiful home, located in an old transformer building designed by Eliel Saarinen, features a Jugend style kitchen. Special attention has been paid to the design to ensure that the cabinets harmonize stylistically with the overall aesthetic. For example, the Jugend style arch found in the beautiful windows is echoed in the cabinet doors.

The kitchen has wooden frames and oak drawers with finger joints.

A natural spot for the Ilven PW90-IMP floor stove is between the arch windows. The Ilve stove features 4 gas burners and 2 induction zones.


The Aurelia Jugend kitchen can be found in a stunning Jugend era house. The customer wanted to create a kitchen that echoed the same beautiful, curved shapes and featured high-quality materials. The chosen color scheme for the kitchen is a timeless and beautiful light gray.

All upper cabinet doors feature Jugend arches, while tall cabinets and drawer fronts have old style frame doors. For the countertop, a solid oak top was selected, which includes a stainless steel sink, faucet, and an induction cooktop. The handles chosen have a simple design, allowing the beauty of the cabinet shapes to shine through.

The beautiful Jugend style tile pattern for the backsplash was sourced from ABL Tiles.

The microwave is concealed within a cabinet on the opposite wall. The refrigeration appliances are also integrated into the cabinets.

Next to the entrance, a shallow wooden shelf unit was created, which also serves as a surface for the foyer since there wasn’t enough space for furniture in the entrance area. The large cabinets after the shelf unit function as coat closets for the apartment’s entrance. Beautiful and practical large drawers store hats, gloves, and scarves.


This magnificent fully restored manor is adorned with beautiful Morris & Co wallpapers and authentic clay plastering. The furniture features Jalokaluste’s Jugend  cabinet door design, creating a sense of unity between different rooms.

The cabinets are constructed with what’s known as an overlay door, where the frame is hidden behind the door, as opposed to having a visible frame.

The use of two different colors and variations in cabinet heights helps to lighten the overall look of the spacious kitchen. There are two breakfast cabinets, both illuminated with vertical lights. The kitchen countertops are made of quartz with an antique edge.