Contemporary Kitchens

Custom-made Wooden Kitchen Sari

Sari is a kitchen designed for a quality-conscious customer, blending seamlessly with the surrounding nature. The kitchen features only natural materials, such as wood and stone. The cabinet frames are solid wood, and the doors are veneered with oak veneer, showcasing the beautiful wood grain. The kitchen boasts newly designed handles made from solid oak. The handles have a square exterior shape, but the actual grip is soft and ergonomic for the hand. The cabinet-wide handles play a significant role in the kitchen’s appearance. The floor material chosen is Jura Beige limestone, which complements the kitchen in terms of material and color.

The kitchen is crowned with an airy and beautiful island, featuring a stylish open shelf with a slightly more modern design. The island countertop is two centimeters thick solid oak. All oak components are stained with a slightly darker finish, adding depth to the oak color.

In the cabinet wall, the refrigerator-freezer, oven, and a practical and beautiful breakfast cabinet have been integrated. The doors of the breakfast cabinet can be pushed into the cabinet frame when opened, keeping them out of the way. The breakfast cabinet is so beautiful that its doors are often left open. It features solid wood drawers with finger joints, just like the rest of the kitchen.

For the master bedroom, a wall-to-wall sliding door wardrobe was made, incorporating a small workspace. In the house’s entrance hallway, practical wardrobes with smooth, white-painted doors and stylish cognac-colored leather handles were installed.